Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day weekend

So I had today off of work, but I used it as a personal work day to catch up on stuff for an upcoming craft fair. I compromised a bit though, and took my paintings to the park near my apartment to enjoy the sunshine. It was just way too depressing to be sitting inside on a day like today (and my workspace gets NO sunshine). I think I even got a mini-burn on my arms from the hour or so that I was outside.

I have a confession to make. I am addicted to pretty paper. Some girls spend all their money on shoes or clothes, but no, not me. I spend mine on PAPER. I only intended to buy a few sheets at the paper store yesterday, for some new recipe boxes, but I couldn't resist all the new spring/summer ones they stocked. PLUS, there were new BOOKS full of pretty paper and I had to get one of those. Ah well, I just have to make sure I put them to good use. I have a whole bunch of fun new recipe boxes that I made in the past few days and I have an assembly line of a bunch more prepped. i think I'm going to put a few up in my shop in the next couple days and then the rest go towards the craft fair.

Dinner tonight was leftover Mac Daddy (from Veganomicon) and a kick-ass salad.

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