Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: You were Awesome! 2011: You better be Awesome too!

Dudes, this year was awesome. Like, really-super-mega-awesome!  I love this time of year when there is a general hopefulness and positive energy buzzing around everyone.  Bringing in the new year is pretty darn inspiring!

I made this post one year ago today, of my goals and resolutions for 2010, and I think I did a pretty good job taking care of business!  Lemmesee:

So with that, I welcome 2011 wholeheartedly with a new set of goals and resolutions!  I like to hang this near my desk all year as a daily reminder!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Hello!  Just wanted to wish everyone a happy holidays and give a big fat thank you for reading my blog this past year! You are super-awesome!

I'm all cozy at my parent's house right now, with the christmas tree all lit up, a light snow coming down outside, and a kitty cat curled up next to me. Hooray!  I love the holidays, but haven't had much of a chance to enjoy them this month, so I'm taking full advantage this weekend while with my family.  I hope you have a good one! Eat lots of cookies!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Giveaway Winner!

Hello! Thank you to everyone that entered my giveaway last week! I picked a winner this morning and it was lucky #16 who won, Kelly!  Super-awesome!

I had two craft shows this past weekend, and the one on sunday was exceptionally awesome. Like, really really awesome!  I love it when that happens! Super-great vendors, nice people everywhere, everyone in high spirits, and lots of sales and great feedback.  I took some pictures of my display, which I have changed up recently. I'm pretty happy with it!  

I have the BUST holiday craftacular next weekend, so still lots to do in preparation! 

Friday, December 3, 2010

Don't forget to enter my giveaway!

I'm giving away one of my 2011 Wall Calendars, and today is the last day to enter!  Contest ends at midnight TONIGHT!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday Craft Fair Schedule 2010!

Hello December!  I have a super-mega-busy December ahead of me, and I thought I'd make a little calendar so that if you are local to NYC or are visiting the area this month, you can stop by to these awesome craft fairs I'm participating in.  I'm going to have some new stuff, that isn't in my online shop yet too!

Saturday, December 4th:  PS 321 Crafts Fair in Park Slope 
180 Seventh Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11215 11am-5pm Free

Sunday, December 5th: Handmade Holiday Cavalcade  
Mulberry Street, New York, NY  11am-8pm Free

Sunday, December 12th:  BUST Holiday Craftacular  
The Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 W 18th Street, New York, NY 10am-8pm  $2

Friday, December 17th: Hester Street Holiday Market  
201 Mulberry Street, New York, NY 11am-8pm Free

Saturday, December 18th: Brooklyn Lyceum Holiday Marketplace 
 227 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11am-7pm Free

Sunday, December 19th: Brooklyn Lyceum Holiday Marketplace  
227 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
11am-7pm Free

Wednesday, December 22nd: Hester Street Holiday Market  
201 Mulberry Street, New York, NY 11am-8pm Free

I'll also be participating in the Vegan Etsy Team marketplace at V-Spot all month long, into the new year!

So much to do!

Friday, November 26, 2010

VeganMofo 2010: Obligatory Thanksgiving Dinner Post

Ohh, so full!  So much food! I love having leftovers for a week. Well, I'll be saying that for a few days at least, and then I'll get sick of them and order a pizza or something. :)

I made Bryanna's Seitan Tofurkey (which mysteriously isn't online anymore, i don't think? I couldn't find it on her site, since she took all her recipes down, but I had it written down from previous years.), mashed 'taters, stuffing, corn (this where I feel super-smart, and pulled some of the corn I froze from the summertime!), and cranberries. I was going to make roasted brussel sprouts, but I decided to save them for leftovers, to mix it up a bit.  Pumpkin pie for dessert! 

The smell of sage=thanksgiving

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sale! Give-away!

So! I'm having a super-awesome sale in my Etsy shop this weekend, with all the holiday festivities kicking off after Thanksgiving (by the way, I hope you had a happy one!)  

You can receive 15% off your entire order, by entering the coupon code at checkout:

Offer is valid from 11/26-11/29 only, ending at midnight EST on the 29th. You can use this on anything, originals, prints, ornaments, cards, etc!  Have a happy handmade holidays and support independent businesses! 

I'm sweetening the sale weekend with my annual 2011 Calendar giveaway too!  
You have until next Friday, December 3rd at midnight EST to enter.  
There are 3 ways that you can enter to win one of my 2011 calendars:

1. Leave a comment below telling me what super-awesome thing you plan on doing for someone else this holiday season! Please make sure and leave some way of contacting you! 
2. Follow my blog and leaving ANOTHER comment below (if you already follow, just leave another comment!)
3. Tweet the following on Twitter and leave ANOTHER comment below:  
Win a Super-Awesome 2011 Calendar by @MyZoetrope here:
That's it!  One person will receive one of my calendars, to keep for themselves or give away as a gift this holiday season (all 12 pages of the calendar can be trimmed to 5"x7" prints at the end of the month or year, so it's like getting 12 free prints too!)  This contest is open to anyone anywhere, whether you live in the USA or Timbuktu.  I'll pick the winner next weekend!  Good luck!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

VeganMofo 2010: Pumpkin Pie is the best!

It is! It really is! Seriously, my apartment smells so good right now. I should find some pumpkin pie candles or something to keep this aroma going on throughout the holiday season.   I went back to the basics this year, no pumpkin cheesecake or double-chocolate pumpkin fudge cake (whoa I bet that would be good), and just made a plain basic pumpkin pie.  I went with Bryanna's recipe, because it is easy and awesome.   OMG, I can't wait to eat tomorrow!  Happy Thanksgiving those celebrating!  

Some pre-baking action going on.

I put a pan of water in the oven, to prevent the cracks, but that obviously didn't work.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ornament and Card Shop Update!

Winter Fox

So I have to take a 'MoFo break and tell you about the things I have been working on for my Etsy Shop.  I've made some one-of-a-kind ornaments, all painted with watercolors on gesso, and measuring approx. 2.5" across.  I'm super-excited about their cuteness!  There are eleven for now, though I do have some blank canvasses still, which I'm contemplating.   There are only one of each available, and I think they would make a perfect gift for a coworker, family member, friend, or to add to your own ornament collection!  Available in the shop.

North Pole Bear

Snow Bunny

Snowy Hedgehog

Woodland Owl

Cuddling Penguins

Skating Penguin

A Bear Present

Sledding Bears

Oh Deer

I've also added a few holiday cards!

Dreidel Kitty

A Peaceful Holiday

And the Ugly Sweaters series of holiday cards, available in an 8-pack or individually.

Ugly Sweater Bunny

Ugly Sweater Kitty

Ugly Sweater Penguin

Ugly Sweater pup

Annnnd, I will leave you with a sneak peek of one of a few projects that I'm working on finishing up for the shop:

Monday, November 22, 2010

VeganMofo 2010: The Vegan Girl's Guide to Life

Strummer love!

I've been a fan of the Urban Housewife blog for awhile now and was super-excited to finally meet up with Melisser last year, during one of her visits to NYC.  Call me triple-excited when she asked me if I wanted to contribute some illustrations to the book that she was working on! Well here it is, a year or so later, and I have the actual book in my hands and it is just so great.  Packed full of information, yummy recipes, and amazing interviews with cool chicas, it is a unique book in the ever-exploding market of vegan books that have/are coming out.

The Vegan Girl's Guide to Life touches on just about everything,  from the different reasons behind going vegan, nutrition, common questions and misconceptions, traveling, community, and activism.  My favorite part of this book is all the interviews scattered throughout, with some pretty amazing vegan ladies out there.  It was so fun to see familiar faces and interviews with some of my favorite bloggers, like Melanie, Jess, JoJo, and Marika, and favorite business owners, like Kerry, Leanne, and Jeannette.  Yummy recipes are also included with some contributions from Melisser herself, Celine, Terry, Constanze, and Hannah, among others.  Also, some DIY projects that would be perfect for the upcoming holiday gift-giving season!

Purchase VGGTL here or in person at one of her book-signing dates!  I went to the signing this past Saturday at Champs Bakery (mmm, vegan danishes!) and would highly recommend you get your hands on this pretty book soon!

November 28th Paris, FR at Paris Vegan Day, book signing and talk
November 30th Manchester, England at The Thirsty Scholar, 6pm to 8pm
Brighton date TBA (leads welcome!)
December 4th London, UK at Vx, book signing and talk 2pm to 6pm - 5% off all Vx purchases at the event!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

VeganMofo 2010: Nachooo Love!

Soo full of nachos!  Holy delicious.  I decided to make a monster-sized plate tonight for Nik and I (cooked in the oven because I'm anti-microwave.)  We have homemade refried beans, chips, that new Wayfare 'We Can't Say it's Cheese' mexi-cheddar dip, Daiya cheddar, salsa, avocados, some seitan, and hot sauce.  

That new 'We Can't Say it's Cheese' stuff is pretty tasty. I found it in the store near my apartment yesterday and did a little happy-dance in the middle of the aisle.  They only had the cheddar and mexi-cheddar varieties, but I hope to try the hickory smoked kind soon.  Has anyone else tried it? This was the first thing I thought of to make with it. Other ideas?  

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

VeganMofo 2010: Creamy Portabello Mushroom Soup

Super-happy rainbow mushroom family!

It's soup season here!  I had this Portabello Mushroom soup once, at a restaurant, and have been dying to recreate it.  It was really simple, thick, and had a pure mushroom taste to it. Total yummers.  I like to thicken soups up with cashews, to make them super-creamy without detracting too much from the main flavor. This came pretty close to the restaurant version!  I have a vague recipe, because that's usually how I am when I'm making something in the kitchen...vague.  You know what I mean. Anyways, it's easy and makes a quick weekday meal!

Vague recipe (sorry!) for Creamy Portabello Mushroom Soup

4 medium sized portabello mushrooms, sliced and diced
1 medium onion, diced
1 TBS Earth Balance Margarine
1/3 cup raw cashews

veggie broth
salt and pepper to taste

Saute onion in pan with Earth Balance until soft. Add mushrooms and cook until tender.
Add cashews, mushrooms, and onions to blender and add enough veggie broth to just cover. Blend to desired thickness and add more veggie broth for thinner soup.  Heat up in sauce pan and season with salt/pepper.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

VeganMofo 2010: Sweet Potato Broccoli Bread

I had one of those lightbulb moments last week, where I was thinking about things to make for 'MoFo, and my mind wandered to grilled cheese and then to all that broccoli I received from my CSA...and DING DING DING!  Broccoli bread turned into a yummy grilled cheese!  I don't really have a "go-to" bread that I make, because I don't usually make my own bread (I know! I'm impatient with waiting for things to rise and usually think about making bread when it's too late in the game.)  Sooo, I started flipping through my cookbooks, looking for some sort of savory bread. Let's just say that there are lots of cornbread recipes out there...

Celine and Joni never let me down though.  There is a recipe for Potato Bread in 500 Vegan Recipes that fit the bill perfectly.  I used the sweet potato option in the recipe, because I thought it would go good with the broccoli I was going to add.  The only thing I changed in the recipe, was to add in 1/2 cup chopped broccoli instead of the seeds, and to throw in about a 1/4 cup of nooch to make it cheesier. Holy yum! The bread was super-delicious on it's own, with a little Earth Balance spread on it, and it was absolutely perfect in the grilled cheese form.  Nik gave it a double-thumbs up.  Hurrah!