Friday, June 27, 2008


Liz Phair at the Hiro Ballroom in Manhattan

So I didn't really expect to feel all sorts of emotion while seeing Liz Phair tonight, but hearing Exile in Guyville played in it's entirety brought me straight down memory lane back to college. If I was to pick a defining album for that part of my life, especially the last two years of college, this would be it. Hard to believe this album came out 15 years ago, and it was a really happy moment tonight to realize how well it held up over time and how I still utterly adore it. Liz was great! Very, very happy and carefree and genuinely just rocking out. The crowd also adored her, which I was very glad to see, as she hasn't had the kindest reviews after her last couple of albums and live shows. I feel like I can check this off my "things to do/see in life" list. Hopefully she doesn't fade out of the spotlight again! I left Hiro feeling all sorts of smiley and happy. And now I'm going to listen to the album over and over. :)

I might go to Prospect park tomorrow night to see Cold War Kids and Elvis Perkins. It will be Me vs. Rain on whether I go or not.

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