Monday, September 14, 2009

"Friends Forever" Series-Massive shop update

Hello! Hope everyone's weekend was fun and fantastical! I kept it on the slow side with movies and yummy food (and True Blood finale!) Nik and I have started watching Lost in the last month or so, and are towards the end of season 2. So many unexpected twists! (Yeah, I'm slow sometimes on watching things that most people have been crazy over for years) Gearing up for my Portland vacation next weekend.

AND! I finally got everything photographed and listed this weekend for my latest series and for a massive shop update to my Etsy shop.

These are original paintings from a very special project of mine, entitled "Friends Forever." I created this series after feeling those frustrated and sad feelings from trying to keep in touch with good friends that I have made over the years. You finish school, you move to a new city or country even, and time and life makes it harder to keep in touch. I wanted to create a series that celebrates old friends, from grade school through college and through the last 8 years of my life after college. Hooray friends!

Watercolor and acrylic on gesso on a cradled pine board.
Size: 6 8/10" x 4 8/10" x 1 6/10"

"You're the One"
"Those Were the Days"

"Who Likes to Tea Party?!"

"Secret Handshakes"

"Class Reunion"

"Hello Over There!"

"Gossip Time"

"I Got Your Back"

"Ghost Stories"

"Friendship Bracelet No.1"

"Friendship Bracelet No.2"

"Owl Tell You"

Aaaand, I used all of these paintings to create my 2010 wall calendar:

Phew, mega-long post. Thanks for looking and reading if you got this far! <3


  1. These are all really cute, I think I like the first one with the two bears the best.