Saturday, November 21, 2009

Neighborhood walks

It was such a pretty Fall day today, that I thought I'd bring my camera along when I went to pick up my CSA and visit the Farmer's Market this morning. Days like this, make me love Brooklyn and my neighborhood. So many people out today, I assume to prep for Thanksgiving this week ('cause I sure was). It must have been community rake day in the park today too, because there was lots of raking going on (and little kids jumping in piles!) I'm super-excited for a 2 1/2 day work week coming up, and for the extra days off work to work on my freelance work and Etsy shop (yes, days off to work more, ha! But I enjoy that kind of work, so it's okay). And to sleep in! Yes! I'm not traveling for Thanksgiving, so it will just be a nice quiet dinner with Nik and I. Hooray for leftovers! I can't decide on whether to make this, this, or the old (delicious!) standby (scroll down to the Seitan "turkey" part). I'm going to make mashed taters w/ mushroom gravy, roasted brussel sprouts, cranberries, stuffing, and Pumpkin cheesecake for dessert. Yum yum, I can't wait! What are YOU making this year?


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I'm going to a potluck, so I'm just making a cheesecake & gravy.

  2. i am so curious which winter CSA you do. the winter share of my CSA had a lot of meat/eggs/prepared food that i wasn't necessarily interested in. -autumn

  3. asbadasitlooks: I belong to the Greenpoint/Williamsburg CSA for the Garden of Eve farm, in Long Island. They have a vegan share, where I just substitute for the eggs with apples or more veggies, sometimes dried beans.