Monday, September 20, 2010

Portland, Maine Food!

Hello!  Nik and I went to Portland, Maine this past weekend, for a mini vacation before all the fall/holiday business starts up.  It is SO pretty there! I, of course, ate all sorts of yummy vegan food and walked on lots of beaches and lusted over lots of cute shops and gourmet food places. It was a super-fun trip!  Here is some of the food we ate:

Silly's!  I loved this place so much. It's really super-bright and colorful and eclectic inside, and in the backyard, where we ate.  I got the Fuffalo Burger (falafel burger with buffalo sauce slathered on it) with sweet potato fries and a Peanut-butter soy shake. Holy yum!

We went to the Pepper Club for dinner the first night, and I was a bit disappointed with my meal there, overall. I got the tempeh cakes with jasmine rice, a citrusy sauce, and roasted veggies. I didn't really dig the sauce too much, so it kinda ruined the rest of the meal.  Dessert was a chocolate-coconut mousse, that was super-pretty, but REALLY rich. I couldn't finish it! I know!

The Green Elephant was probably my favorite meal in Portland. It is a really cute little place, and we had to wait to be seated, but they were nice about it and gave us a little buzzing coaster so we could wander around and it would alert us when the table was ready.  Nik and I shared the Oyster Mushroom Tempura for an appetizer and it was to DIE for. Seriously, so so good. Fresh out of the fryer, so it was nice and crispy and the mushrooms were amazing. Really great batter too.

Nik had the Green Tea Noodle soup, with soy filet in it. It was a great comfort meal with a really awesome broth.

I had really wanted to try their local tofu and local tempeh, so I chose the steamed veggies with peanut sauce that came with both the tofu and tempeh. The homemade tofu totally blew me away. It was really creamy, yet still firm.  I could have just eaten a whole meal of just the tofu.  I usually buy the homemade tofu from my local asian market, but this was nothing like that! Totally inspired me to try making my own. I think I will save that for VeganMoFo!

We were both really full, but had to share a slice of the Pumpkin cheesecake anyways. Mmmm!

Possibly the best tofu scramble I have had, at Local Sprouts.

Annnnnd, I got a whoopie pie to go from there too!

More pictures tomorrow of Portland itself! 


  1. FUN! I want a fuffalo, that is SO smart. Too bad about the 2nd place, but that whoopie pie looks like it made up for it!

  2. Hi, Michelle! Your Portland vacation sounded like a fun getaway, and your posts brought back fun memories of our own brief visit there during our Maine vacation in July. We ate at The Green Elephant too, and it's one of the best meals we've ever had (our non-vegan friend who joined us said the same thing!) In fact, though we had planned to try Silly's on our return stop in Portland a week or so later, the Green Elephant's siren song lured us in again! (At least my husband tried a different dish that time - but not I! Same entree, same dessert!) We'll catch Silly's next time, but honestly, it will be hard to ever be in Portland and not eat at the Elephant! I still crave their food...

    Your Portland Head Light photo on your other post brought back older memories, as my grandparents lived in Cape Elizabeth just a few blocks from there back in the late '70s and most of the 1980s. You could hear the foghorn from my grandmother's bedroom on summer nights when she'd keep her windows open. I loved that sound!

    Thanks for sharing your fun Portland adventure! I enjoyed it. And I love your art work - especially your foxes! I adore foxes, and yours are just precious! (I found your blog through Rose's wonderful Dandelion, by the way...) Have a great weekend!