Monday, December 6, 2010

Giveaway Winner!

Hello! Thank you to everyone that entered my giveaway last week! I picked a winner this morning and it was lucky #16 who won, Kelly!  Super-awesome!

I had two craft shows this past weekend, and the one on sunday was exceptionally awesome. Like, really really awesome!  I love it when that happens! Super-great vendors, nice people everywhere, everyone in high spirits, and lots of sales and great feedback.  I took some pictures of my display, which I have changed up recently. I'm pretty happy with it!  

I have the BUST holiday craftacular next weekend, so still lots to do in preparation! 


  1. Your display looks so delightful and inviting, Michelle! So glad you had a great craft fair yesterday and hope next weekend's is even better!

    Congratulations to Kelly for winning your drawing! (I won too, in a way, as I didn't know about Kelly's blog but just paid it a visit and really enjoyed it, so now I'm following it!) :-)

  2. This is a little creepy to me, but I found your blog because I am a vegan and was "googling" vegan food and blogs...I started following you a couple weeks ago because of that. This weekend I was at the New New York Craft Fair and bought a couple things from you, because your stuff is awesome, and then today I realized the connection! It is a smaller world than one thinks. :) Thanks for the awesome blog with great yummy food ideas and for the awesome artwork I purchased this weekend! Your stuff is super amazing!

  3. The booth looks great, so bright and cheerful! Best of luck to you this coming weekend.

  4. My calendar arrived the other day - it's absolutely wonderful! It's going to look super cute in my bedroom. Thanks so much!