Monday, December 5, 2011

Out and About

Mural on Karate Studio
 I bought a new camera recently (Canon Rebel T3i), and this weekend was the first I was able to properly play around with it. It is my first SLR camera, so I'm pretty psyched! I'm slowly learning how to properly use a lot of the manual settings. I'm really excited to use it when I go home for the holidays, to take lots of photos of my family. I've noticed that photos are lacking from recent years, now that we are all older (my youngest sis is now 19! the baby is not a baby anymore!) Time to remedy that! I'm also really excited to start painting a little larger and having the ability to photograph the paintings, instead of scan in pieces with  my crappy scanner. Hooray for technology not holding me back anymore!  Anyways, I took a walk around the neighborhood last night, right before sunset when the light was super-pretty.

Sunday waffles with dried cranberries and currants in them. (Raised waffle recipe from Vegan Brunch)

Sunset over Williamsburg Bridge

Christmas Trees for sale

More trees for sale

I accidentally photographed a dude (ghost?) peeing! I swear I didn't see him when I took the photograph! It was all black behind the gated door, to my eye.  I just thought the the gated door was pretty.  Maybe my new camera takes x-ray photos?! Either way, SPOOKY.

Goodbye leaves, see you in 6 months.

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  1. interesting association of photos :) the ' mistake' one is v. special