Monday, February 20, 2012

Field Trip to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

It was a beautiful day on Friday, and I was feeling a bit cooped up in my apartment, so I decide to take the afternoon off and head down to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Sometimes you don't realize you needed a break and a change of scenery until you force yourself. So glad I went! Admission is free during the winter months, yet I seemed to be the only one there, left to roam in the greenhouses all by my lonesome. Much different than the summer months where it is usually brimming over with people! It's been unseasonably warm all winter, but it was still nice to walk around in a warm greenhouse with the sun shining through and see pretty flowers and greenery in bloom. It was fun to play around with my camera, taking lots of photos. I can't wait for real spring!

After walking around inside the greenhouses, I went out to the Japanese gardens where they have the huge pond with all the Koi fish swimming around. This little guy was staring at me!


  1. The botanic gardens are a little slice of heaven. I spent one of my best birthdays ever there.

  2. I love the Brooklyn Botanical gardens. I went there a couple times for the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival. It's so magical and peaceful there. What is the name of the first flower pic on this post? It's so simple and yet so beautiful.

  3. Melissa: Yeah! I love it there so much!

    Jahnavi: The Cherry Blossom Festival is so pretty! I try to go a little before or after the festival to beat the crowds. The first flower is called Pink powderpuff (Calliandra emarginata), which I found on the BBG's in-bloom site: