Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Maple Festival and Monster Trucks

This past weekend, Nik and I drove to Troy, PA to visit with his parents and for some Maple-y goodness at the Annual Maple Festival. It is always nice getting away from the city, even for just a few days, and we packed a lot of activities in. We squeezed in a mega-shopping trip to Wegmans (hey! we had a car, so we had to take advantage!), a trip to the Catawissa Bottling Co. for some Moxie, visiting with his parents, going into sugar overload at the Maple festival, and kinda being bored and a bit out of my element at the Monster Truck show. Phew! So fun!

You can see more photos that I took over on my Flickr of the Farm Museum and the Monster Truck show.

B grade Maple Syrup, Maple Sugar (!!), Maple Coffee (!!!), and Maple Candy. Holy sugar overload.



  1. Maple Festivals are so fun! And it's always good to get a bit out of the comfort zone. :)

  2. love the photos! Thanks for posting them. Peggy