Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wedding Photos!

So! Nik and I went and got married back in May and I thought I would share a few of my favorite photos from the super-fun day with you! I squealed so loud the other night when I opened the email that our photographer, Jessica Ames, sent to tell us the photos were all ready. So fun to look back through them and see all the smiles and happiness all over again. Seriously, it was a really super-fun day and night. Jess came over early in the morning and went with us to the farmer's market to pick up our weekly CSA share. She was so, so awesome following us around all day. We told her to go nuts with whatever she wanted, so we have a nice mix of digital, film, and polaroids/instax. Nik and I got ready at home. My sister did my hair and we had lots of laughs getting ready. Jess took some pre-ceremony photos of just Nik and I walking around Williamsburg, by the waterfront and then on a side street. By the way, the weather was PERFECT. Seriously, everyone should get married in May. The cherry blossoms were all in bloom, the sky was blue, and it felt just warm enough during the daytime (it did get a bit chilly later on.) Family photos followed at the local park near my apartment. Totally didn't plan the fun spring color theme in the family's outfits, but that worked out well! Neither of us were into to many of the traditional wedding things, so we just didn't do them. We kept it simple and just threw a big party with a brief ceremony thrown into the middle of it. As a result, it was non-stop fun the whole day!

My parents and I

Seriously! So pretty! The heck with bouquets! 

My little sisters and I!

Both sides of the family

My Dad and I, awww

We then made our way over to Huckleberry Bar, where the ceremony and reception would both be held.  So many people had arrived already and it was a fun cocktail hour, small-bite, mingling time before the ceremony. Huckleberry is an amazing place, btw, if you are ever in Brooklyn looking for a bar and a bite to eat. They have an absolutely gorgeous backyard and a classy inside bar area. Perfect for us and our guests (we had about 80 people attend the wedding.)

Love the basil plants!

Some serious pro-bartending all night.

Nik spent many hours making those homemade pixie sticks. The mad lib cards everyone filled out were HILARIOUS. 

The ceremony was short and sweet! We followed it up with a champagne toast with everyone and to kick off the rest of the night.

Smooch!  I made all the paper flowers for the arch over us. It took many many hours and lots of glue-gunning and painting.

My sister, proclaiming how happy she was to have a "brother-in-law"

 Let's talk about food now. I'm vegan, but Nik isn't and the majority of my guests weren't, so we had a half and half wedding in terms of vegan/non-vegan food.  Dinner was a mix of different fancy sandwiches, salads, and all sorts of small bites. Dessert was 100% vegan, from Vegan Treats, and SO AMAZING. Seriously, we had to restrain everyone around the dessert table so Jess could take photos of everything before it was attacked. It was a pretty funny moment when she finished and there was a mad panic. Table was wiped clean in record time and people were raving over them all night.  Score!

Nom. Nik and I shared a PB Bomb.

In the days following the wedding, Nik and I kept saying how we didn't think it could have possibly gone any better. Seriously, it was perfect. Everyone had a great time, we were able to see so many of our family and friends, and it was just a perfect celebration of our relationship and life together. Yay!

With Nik's Dad and brother

More cheers! So many cheers!
We're goofy, so our "song" was Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'"   The rest of the night was a fun dance party that lasted late into the night (morning?) So good. I'm still, months later, listening to our playlist that we made.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Oh my goodness, your wedding was SO beautiful! You guys look so happy. I love that the cherry blossoms were blooming and that your family accidentally threw on their best spring coloured clothes. The dessert spread is ridiculous and I love that you had a mellow, fun party with a little ceremony thrown in - that sounds like what Nick & I did!

  2. Thanks for sharing! These are so great. I especially love the black and white one of you alone - it looks so classic and old fashioned. And the cherry blossoms! Gorgeous! I'm planning our big 10th anniversary celebration (we're calling it Wedding 2.0), and I love the Mad Libs idea - what did your template say? :)

  3. so sweet and amazing Michelle! looks wonderful all around. love the flowers that look like they popped right out of one of your paintings!! nice to see your smiling, radiant faces! big hugs to you and Nik.

  4. Breathtaking. Everything looks amazing, I love the cherry blossoms and the colours. Sounds like just the perfect kind of wedding.

  5. Your photos are just beautiful. Makes me wish I could go back in time and have professional shots from our ceremony. Everything is gorgeous. And colorful. Tons of congrats!!