Friday, October 24, 2014


Taken the morning after her birth. 

So, on September 27th at 5:50pm, Nik and I welcomed our little Stella into the world! She weighed in at a whopping 9lb, 3oz and 23 inches long. I was in labor for almost 14 hours and the last 4 were spent pushing (!!!) her out. I managed to go completely drug-free, due to my insane stubborn-ness, and definitely had a great birthing experience (despite the very very long 4 hours of pushing.) Guys, she is so insanely adorable! She cracks me up with all of her many faces that she makes at us, and I love her little cuddle sessions we have after nursing. She will be 4 weeks old tomorrow (!!!) and I don't even know where the time has went, seriously. It's so fun to notice little changes in her daily. She has already started to make some ooo and ahhh noises in the most angelic little voice, and her big tooth-less grins make me melt. Babies!

We are still figuring out the whole "leaving the house with a newborn" thing, so we mostly have just been adjusting to a family of three in the confines of our own home. I hope to venture out more soon! We are all doing great though. Breastfeeding is going way better than I ever could have hoped, I finally made the switch from using disposable diapers to cloth (she is finally fitting into the size of diapers that I bought before she was born), and she sleeps relatively well (at night she usually gives me a 3-4 hour stretch, followed by little 2-3 hours stretches.)

I opened my shop back up this week, but it is still kind of an adjustment trying to find work-time during the day. Figuring things out day by day. :)

Some photos!

First stroller ride!

I've been wearing her a lot in my Sollybaby wrap. She snoozes in it.

Looking at me.



  1. She is so cute! Congratulations!!

  2. Congratulations!! Wow, Stella arrived half-grown up! She was born so TALL! And look at that face - not just adorable, but so intelligent! You kids are going to have such fun. And I don't imagine there's another baby on the planet who has a cuter nursery, given her mom's artistic talent! :-)

    1. Thank you!! Yeah, she's a tall one, like her Dad! We're pretty excited about her. :) I'll share photos of the nursery soon!