Thursday, December 6, 2007


Reminder!! Bust Magazine's Craftacular is this Saturday at the Metropolitan Pavillion in Manhattan! 10am-8pm. $1. First 300 people in the door get a goody bag (i want a goody bag!) Oh, and Amy Sedaris will be there!! *swoon* I'm at booth D5, which, i don't know if that really tells you anything. Along the outside, in a little alcove? EXCITED.

Click picture to read it or go to BUST to read more. LOTS of vendors with really cool things. I hope I get a chance to shop too. Hope to see you there!!

and the onion stands alone...

so much to cut still...

These are my business cards. I decided no one really keeps business cards anyways. They sit in wallets or on desks or go straight for the trash. I mean, really, 90% useless! So bookmarks. I'm going with bookmarks. Who knows though, maybe people don't read either.

I used a semi-bad screen to print these (only half of the image prints...) on both sides of the heavy paper, and then I chopchopchopped them up. I printed stickers with my url on them, because there was no way in hell I was going to write it out 250 times like i originally planned.

Sometimes funny things happen:

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