Sunday, December 30, 2007

I like to rock.

I didn't do a top album list, but i did do a list of top concerts.

I don't understand all the love on end-of-year lists on the internets for The National, Beirut, Panda Bear, or Animal Collective at all. Boooooring and highly forgettable. I'd much rather rock out.


2007 was a great concert year. My favorites from it (not in any type of favoritism order):

*77 Boadrum in the park (perfect in every way possible. )
*PJ Harvey at Beacon (she is the best. the end.)
*Bjork at United Palace Theatre (heart. burst.)
*Marnie Stern at Knitting Factory with Zach Hill (talk about charismatic insanity)
*Mt. Eerie, Woelv at that church in greenpoint (peaceful, quiet, and beautiful)
*Singer/Battles/Noisettes at Studio B (although Battles was much tighter at the Bowery show, I enjoyed this as a whole better. Singer was the highlight.)
*Feist/Kevin Drew's Spirit If at the pool (perfect outside concert.)
*Wilco at Warsaw (breaking into sold-out shows is fun. best setlist.)
*Hella at Europa (face. rocked. off.)
*Explosions in the Sky (no broken tambourines this time around, but still great)
*Arcade Fire at Judson Church (third night. so so so heart-squeezing. David Byrne was 3 feet from me. Acoustic Wake Up in the middle of the audience was fantasmic. I broke into this show too.)
*Parts and Labor/Girl Talk at Studio B (I think my jaw was dropped 3/4 of the time at the pure pandemonium that was taking place. Also, broke in.)
*Scout Niblett at Union Pool (too short, but shivers down my spine.)
*and of course, Bonnaroo (Damien Rice, Lily Allen, Tortoise were my favorite. Girl Talk pandemonium, Tool, and The Flaming Lips soundchecking War Pigs were also pretty damn great.

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