Monday, April 7, 2008


hello! Today is a sluggish monday, after a rather lovely weekend. I hung out with Amina friday night at 'Snice and discussed the underlying meaning of The Babysitter's Club series. Quite intellectual, I'm telling you. :) Saturday, I got up early and rocked the gym and the farmer's market. It was SUCH a nice day out! When there hasn't been a really nice day in awhile, I'm always amazed at how instant the mood boost is. I had some work to do, so I moved my stuff to the kitchen table and basked in the sunshine while doing so. Mr. Miles joined me. I finally figured out a good solution for my broccoli planters and will be posting them in the next few days, after they are all painted and varnished and whatnot. Nik and I went to Monkeytown saturday night, and we had a great time. Awesome dinner (they changed their menu, so there is actual vegetarian with vegan options section now! that is the only thing that has prevented me from going in the past.) The setup is cool: 4 projectors on each wall, futons and tables around the perimeter, and a live band in the center. They played THX 1138. Also, some trippy videos at the end. Why don't more places do this?! I hear it happens in the west all the time; the movie theater/restaurant/bar combo. It would make a KILLING here, I think. Have I mentioned I'm going to Portland, OR in a few weeks? EXCITED! I wanna check out their movie theater/restaurant combo! I hear movies are only like $4?? Heck yeah!

I made it to the opening day of the Brooklyn Flea Market on sunday and bought a cuuuuuuute guinea pig card that I'm gonna frame and hang. I was, as you can imagine, pretty excited about this. There were a lot of cool vendors there, a lot I recognized from Etsy and lots that were new to me. It was like, half flea market, half craft fair.

I made these kickass veggie burgers and fries yesterday, but my camera batteries died and I was unable to capture the beauty forever. I'm telling you though, it was a fantastic lunch today. This was my first successful veggie burger, meaning, it actually didn't fall apart. hoo-ray.

Anyways, I made some notecards from my recipe card designs. Almost done, except for a redo on the Carrot one, that I'm gonna fix tomorrow. They will be in the shop soon!

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