Sunday, August 17, 2008

Noon to night

Brunch this morning/afternoon:

Potato-pancake with fresh watermelon that I got in the CSA yesterday. I steamed the potatoes first, while sauteeing the onion, banana peppers, garlic, and fresh sage. I then mixed them with the steamed potatoes, mashing them, but still leaving it chunky. I fried them in a pan with some olive oil until a little crispier on the outside. Topped them with fresh cherry tomatoes, sorrel, garlic chives, and fennel. So filling.

Peach mixed with cranberry nectar and ice smoothie.

Nik hates tomatoes, cooked peppers, and quinoa, so I made two dinners tonight. I really wanted stuffed peppers with fresh tomatoes! I marinated the radishes, carrots, leeks, banana peppers, and garlic in some olive oil and vinegar (with sea salt and pepper) and then stuffed them in tofu (or pepper in my case, with quinoa) and put them over a bed of lettuce. I made a yummy peanut sauce (olive oil, vinegar, PB, some water to thin) to drizzle over it all. Freshly steamed corn on the cob (or off in nik's case) as a side! So fresh and yummy!

Peach pie ice cream for dessert. Made with soy milk. I added some cardamom and cinnamon and vanilla extract and it was just like peach pie. All it needed was some crumbled crust pieces!

We made out like bandits this week in our CSA share. So great!

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