Sunday, August 17, 2008

Playing the Building

Yesterday, Nik and I went to go play David Byrne's building. We had to wait in a small line, so we goofed off and took pictures (or I did, Nik doesn't like his picture taken, obviously!). The sounds that people were playing were so spooky. There were motors on the low end of the organ, flutes (pipes) over the middle, and clackety-clickety noises on the high end. Most people played it with the low drone of the motors as a constant with slow flutes and fast click-clacks over.

It looks like he is growing out of my head!


It was fun to play, but hard to hear myself and I felt rushed with the line behind me waiting their turn.

The building itself was really cool. We had to sign a waiver saying that the city is not responsible for our death, if we so happened to die while viewing the exhibit, before entering. Kinda weird.

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  1. That's so cool that you got to check it out! I've heard about this installment but didn't really know what it was. Also cool that you didn't die on the premesis.