Saturday, September 20, 2008


Last week's sunday brunch was some scrumptious chocolate chip belgian waffles:
Edamame from my CSA!! SOOOO much better than the frozen kind. It came on a branch. I ate it on a salad.

Super-veggie Pot Pie:

Eggplant wings (WAAAAAY spicy) and some fruit salad to cool my mouth down:

What I'm eating right now. Tofu Scramble, potatoes, and leftover fruit salad:

Also! I'm going to try my best to blog about vegan food every day during the month of October for VeganMoFo! Hooray!! My RSS feeder is going to EXPLODE with everyone's awesomeness next month!


  1. those waffles are killer.
    looking forward to seeing more posts from you for Vegan MoFo!