Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Beanball-falafel, German b-day dinner, and CAKE.

Beanball dressed up like falafel: made with chickpeas and covered with a dill-yogurt sauce.

It was Nik's b-day today, so I made spätzle and currywurst! Pushing that dough through a colander is a MESS and not really recommended, but it turned out yummy! Currywurst is made from mini-seitan 'o greatness' with lots of spicy spices in it.

Lemon-Macadamia cupcakes from VCTOTW, turned into a cake. Super-yum!


  1. Cake is lovely, currywurst sounds great. Happy birthday to Nik. My birthday is in five days. I'm turning 40. Arrraggghhh!

  2. mmmm beanball-falafel!

    yay for cake and currywurst!

  3. Spaetzle is an act of love.

    That cake looks so pretty and delicious.

  4. would you share your recipe for vegan spaetzle? I miss my grandmas!

  5. Jill-

    Yep! I used this recipe here: http://dieflaschenpost.blogspot.com/2007/04/sptzle.html

    I didn't put any soy flour in, but put in a bit of tofu instead (about 1/4 of a block) because I read another recipe that had it in it and I didn't have any soy flour.

    I would highly recommend using a potato ricer or an actual spaetzle maker, as the colander method is a pain in the butt and makes a big mess!