Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I will crush youuu plague!

So! I caught the plague this weekend and thus, haven't blogged in a few days. I totally crushed my sickness though and I'm super-proud of it. I started to feel all sniffly and foggy on sunday and I woke up at 4am monday feeling like DEATH. It was probably a funny sight to see me scrape myself out of bed at 4am and go straight to the stove to boil some water for throat relief. Yep, straight water, no tea. When I feel myself catching a cold, I usually overdose on OJ, tea, soup, and vitamins. Eff that over-the-counter crap. I did drag myself to work this week, as I've called into work once in my entire life for sickness reasons, and I certainly wasn't going to start now. I'm fine now. Take THAT plague!

I made some apple-sage seitan on sunday that fit itself into two dishes this week. I just used the basic seitan 'o greatness recipe, baked, swapping the spices for more garlic, pepper, thyme, and sage. I added in one apple, chopped finely. It came out really really good. I had it over a salad of pea shoots, green cabbage, daikon, more apples, and a curried ranch dressing.

I made a MASSIVE bowl of soup monday night using the seitan again. It also has lentils, kale, and onions. I also had a tiny bit of quinoa left in a box, so I dumped that in for bonus nutritional value.

Leeeetle apple hand-pies! I used the recipe off of VeganYumYum, except subbing homemade applesauce for the blueberries. I love things that make a fabulous breakfast and dessert!

Dinner tonight was a tempeh-nori salad in a wrap with pea shoots. Sweet potato fries as a side! Num!


  1. that seitan sounds delicious! what a great idea... your dinners this week look extra yummy to me. sorry you got sick, but glad you are feeling better!

  2. oh, also, i nominated you for a blog award. zip on over to my blog to see it, if ya want.