Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sammiches and pie

Today was a good day; Super-sunny and productive. I slept in late and made a nice pancake brunch (mmm apple-cinnamon! I have a bajillion apples!), made a grocery-run, and then worked on a painting at a coffee shop. Tonight's dinner was a ginormous beanball sub, using the beanballs from Vcon (except made with chickpeas) and just slathered with a fire-roasted tomato sauce (with added onions, garlic, and braising greens). I love mega-sandwiches!

I've made this sandwich twice this week; Tempeh slathered in a thousand island-esque dressing on crusty bread (bread pictured is Kalamata Olive). So easy and yummy. I boil the tempeh until it's super-tender.

Just when I thought I had my apple stock under control, making this Apfel Kuchen, then my CSA went and gave me 14 more apples yesterday. D'oh! I was thinking about making some apple hand-pies (like pop-tarts?) and freezing them.


  1. Both those sammitches look awesome, especially the beanball one. The apple tart is super cute too!

  2. Yum! I want to try all three, esp. the kuchen!

  3. ooooh sammiches. i <3 sammiches! and homemade poptarts sound completely rad. do it!

  4. ak! that sandwich looks like it wants to eat me! but really, I just totally want to it *it*. best photo ever!