Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Friday!

This is my sister's last weekend here, so I'm hoping it is a nice and sunny one. I wanna go see Black Moth Super Rainbow tonight at the South Street Seaport, but it's a no-go if it's thunderstorming. Hate that! Nik and I are taking Jenna to Candle 79 saturday night for a belated b-day celebration (she turned 17 on wednesday! My baby sister is growing up!) I had dreams of that Seitan Piccata for weeks after the last time I went there...any recommendations of what I should get this time around?? Other than that, I want to see 500 Days of Summer real bad!

On to the food!

White Bean burger with MEGA-GUAC! Used the black bean burger recipe from VCON, but with white beans. Why yes, yes I do like my guac topping to be equal to it's burger! Sooo yum. Kale chips on the side.

I had a muffin craving the other night at midnight. I know. I had cherries and blueberries in my CSA this past week and they are a super-win combo. These didn't last very long.

Jenna loves eggplant parm. and vodka sauce, so I combined the two for her birthday dinner on Wednesday. I used the vodka sauce from VCon and OH MY GOD why haven't I ever made vodka sauce before?? Seriously, I don't think I can ever make a plain tomato sauce again. I took great care in salting my eggplants and letting them sit and "sweat" out their water before rinsing and wringing them dry (it's fun to squeeze eggplant after they are salted!) This resulted in some super-tender eggplant. I dredged them in flour, dipped in soymilk, and then coated them with breadcrumbs + italian spices, before frying them up in some olive oil. Layered them with the vodka sauce and some Follow Your Heart Mozzarella and baked for 30 minutes. Lots of work, but worth it (plus we had leftovers for tonight!)

Um, guys? Have you gotten Hannah's new e-book yet? I made the Birthday Cake Ice Cream wednesday (yes, I was in the kitchen forever that night!) I mean, I knew this would be good, but this was seriously good. So creamy! I wanna try it with chocolate cake next! I can't wait to make more recipes from this!

Hope everyone has a rad weekend!

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  1. Oooh what scrummy looking food. That Burger looks the business and I'm loving the Guacamole. You can never have too much Guac - ever! The Eggplant Parma looks outta this world. I've never had Eggplant Parma and you're the second blogger this week to post about it so I am taking this as a sign from the gods of my tummy and am gonna make this.
    I've not tried the vodka Sauce either but I am intrigued so I'm gonna go and dig out my copy of vcon.