Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Beach Fail. Bonus pizza and doughnuts!

Hey friends. I'm gonna be slow blogging in the next few weeks, as my 'lil sis is still here and I kinda forget about these things when I have visitors. We're having so much fun! We tried to go to the beach this past saturday, but that was kind of a major fail. In fact, it was so bad, it was downright comical. Original plans were to venture to Long Beach, in Long Island, but after reading up on the temperature of the ocean (48F!!!), we decided to keep it cheap and just stay on Brooklyn sand. Off we trekked to Coney Island, with the sun shining on us, only to arrive to clouds galore and really really harsh winds and coldness. Brr! We brought a lovely picnic and everything, but it was pretty frustrating to try to eat a sammich with sand flying at your face. Gross! Coney Island sand! There were a bunch of crazies swimming in the water, but we only cautiously dipped our feet in and ran shrieking away (wusses, I know). We did manage to bury Jenna up to her neck, and it was pretty funny watching her try to wiggle out of the piles of sand we heaped on her. Our train ride there was longer than the time we stayed there, ha! All three of us had a layer of sand covering us when we left, and I'm still finding it around the apartment. Should have went to the park!

I made some Isa Pizza, from Vegan with a Vengeance, last week, topped with the cashew ricotto, pesto, tomato sauce, zucchini, and fire-roasted red peppers. Um, yum!! I love this pizza and it is worth all the time it takes to make all the different toppings.

The other night, my sis and I made DOUGHNUTS. Heavenly, I tell ya. I used this recipe, which I have used once before, with great results. We rolled them in a powdered sugar/cinnamon mix and I even piped in some raspberry jam in a few (we just used a regular heart-shaped cookie cutter for the filled ones). I stuck a chopstick in and moved it around a bit, to create a little space and just piped it on in. Easy-peasy! Total sugar-coma!

There has been lots of healthy smoothies and salads also, but pizza and doughnuts are way funner to photograph!

I have been tidying up my Etsy shop, unlisting older things that I don't feel fit well anymore, and working on adding new listings. I took a bunch of photos this weekend of art cards, so I'm mostly listing those in the next few days. I want to re-photograph some of my originals also, but that will most likely have to wait until next weekend (please sun, cooperate). A recent new addition to my shop are these blank notecards, from my Love and Peace series. I had them at Renegade and they did really well, and I finally got my butt in gear to put together a listing online for them. Yay!

More to come soon!


  1. Wow, those donuts look phenomenal. *drool*

    And, well, any beach is better than no beach! Have fun with your sis!

  2. those donuts look great and so does your art