Monday, August 16, 2010

Governor's Island!

Happy Monday! I FINALLY got a chance to head over to Governor's Island on Saturday, and we had super-perfect weather too. Woo!  It's such a magical place and it's only a ferry boat ride away! Next time I go, Nik and I are definitely going to rent some bikes, 'cause it is a biker's paradise there. They even let you rent tandem bikes, how awesome is that??  

Also, I have an iphone now, so of course I'm totally obsessed with the hipstamatic app, and took boatloads of photos over the weekend.  Humor me!

I was super-psyched to find the {NewNew} Team's etsy store among all the houses on the island, and I snapped some photos inside of all the pretty displays.  The {NewNew} Team is a group of etsy sellers that live in the greater New York Metro area (I'm a member too!), and they were given one of the homes on the island to transform into a boutique for the summer!  They did such a great job with this, seriously, might impressive, and everyone's stuff looked great.