Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ridiculous sleepy kitty and sneak peeks

This guy here, he's ridiculous. Seriously. The cuteness, I can't handle it! He's notoriously hard to photograph with his black fur and ninja-like moves, so I had to get all art-photo-kid with this photo of him.  He's totally knocked out and you'll have to trust me on his cuteness.  Zzzzz :)

I'm in painting mode lately, working on twelve new pieces for my 2011 calendar. I'm super-excited and having fun with them!  I'll share peeks!


  1. sneak peeks look fab can't wait to see them in full :)

  2. I'm super excited about your 2011 calendar too!
    Cute kitty alert!

  3. Those looks so fun. I LOVE the picture of the watercolors!

    Where did you learn how to watercolor? Did you teach yourself?

    smiles to you!

  4. Thanks Jeni!

    Jenipher: Thanks so much! I studied Illustration in college and started painting with watercolors a whole lot there!