Friday, November 26, 2010

VeganMofo 2010: Obligatory Thanksgiving Dinner Post

Ohh, so full!  So much food! I love having leftovers for a week. Well, I'll be saying that for a few days at least, and then I'll get sick of them and order a pizza or something. :)

I made Bryanna's Seitan Tofurkey (which mysteriously isn't online anymore, i don't think? I couldn't find it on her site, since she took all her recipes down, but I had it written down from previous years.), mashed 'taters, stuffing, corn (this where I feel super-smart, and pulled some of the corn I froze from the summertime!), and cranberries. I was going to make roasted brussel sprouts, but I decided to save them for leftovers, to mix it up a bit.  Pumpkin pie for dessert! 

The smell of sage=thanksgiving


  1. That looks amazing!How do you rate Bryanna's Seitan Tofurkey? I'm still undecided what to make for Christmas dinner - I have a few contenders but would appreciate opinions too.

  2. It's soo so good! This is my third year making it for Thanksgiving. It takes about 4-ish hours to cook (plus prep time), but is easy. It's really really moist and slices well. I usually "stuff" it with stuffing, and haven't made it without the stuffing. I alter her recipe a little bit, adding a lot more seasoning. It makes a ton too, so it's awesome for leftovers (and it's even better the next day). Two loaves of 9"x5". If you can't find the recipe online, I'll send it to you if you want!

  3. wow, this looks totally amazing. what a delicious plate of food. Mmmmm!

  4. Thanks Michelle - I got the recipe off a PPK'er - seems Bryanna has taken a lot of her recipes off the net. I'm gonna give this a try I reckon - it was the time consuming that put me off a bit but if it's as tasty as you say then it'll be worth it.