Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Love Day!

Happy V-day!  My valentine portrait that I made for Nik has been given, so it's safe to write this blog post about it now!   I hope everyone had a great day, whether it be a sappy, lovey-dovey version, or just a regular old Monday of the awesome-variety! 

Nik and I don't really "celebrate" valentine's day or anything, but I had been wanting to do a portrait of us anyways, so it was a good excuse.  We went and had yummy Mexican food Saturday night and watched The Kite Runner (disappointing, since I super-loved the book.)  Also, we are obsessed with the series, Weeds.  It's so funny!

I went to Dr. Sketchy's yesterday, for the Valentine's session with Raquel Reed. She is super-pretty and fun to draw!  Also, she's a really good model and holds her poses and has great costumes, so she gets and A+ in my book.  Here's a sketch I did:


  1. We don't celebrate V Day either but I made us some Portuguese tarts and we had a new dryer delivered, yay!

    Your portrait is gorgeous, what a great present for Nik!

  2. Love the portrait!!!

  3. What a cute portrait, he must have loved it!