Monday, March 21, 2011

Helicopter time!

Hello!  I hope everyone had a rockin' weekend!  There was lotsa sunshine and good vibes here.  Nik's friend hooked us up with a free helicopter ride over Manhattan this weekend, and it was so fun! I was like a little kid, all squealy and excited.   Helicopter rides are usually insanely expensive (like this would have been something like almost $500 for the two of us to go up for 20 minutes!)  Hooray for free! Ha, but seriously, this was so fun!  Lemme take you on a tour:

We got to sit in the front seat (that's the pilot on my right), so we got to see all the gadgets.

We took off from the Heliport at Pier 6, at the bottom of Manhattan and flew a little bit south first so that we could get a good view of the statue of Liberty. She looks so tiny! Manhattan is on the right and Jersey is on the left.

Manhattan on the left, and Brooklyn on the right.  The island in front of us is Governors Island.

Check it out! 

You can see Central Park in the middle there.

Traveling up the Hudson River, you can see the George Washington Bridge up ahead.

Upper West Side and Colombia University area.

Yankee Stadium


We turned around and headed back down the Hudson River. This is the George Washington Bridge and New Jersey.

Empire State building and piers on the west side of Manhattan.

Financial District. Those are the ferries that go to Staten Island and Governors Island.  Nik works in one of those buildings on the right!


  1. Wow, that's so awesome! I'd love to go up in a helicopter, especially one flying over NYC!

  2. How fun! What an awesome treat. And an A+ for the free hook-up.