Friday, March 25, 2011


Rain, rain, go away. 
Happy Spring!  I'm going to totally ignore that snow that we got here in New York yesterday, and just go on thinking about blooming flowers and anticipating some green things at the farmer's markets finally.  I've been keeping busy, working on lots of new illustrations and projects, and lots of pie-baking.   I've been contemplating printing some tote bags with some of my illustrations on them...trying to think of more products that would work with my stuff. Any ideas? Things you would like to see?

Some yumminess I have had lately:
Tofu Scramble-cious with some homemade tofu

Raspberry Lattice Pie!  Tester recipe for Isa and Terri's upcoming pie book.


  1. Oh my god that pie looks SO delicious! I totally cannot wait for the pie book.

  2. Raspberry pie is my favorite pie ever! Yum!! Almost all of the snow was gone here until a few days ago, too. So depressing, but hopefully in a few weeks we'll both be rid of it!

  3. Tote bags are a great idea! I'm in for that one. I don't know whether this is possible or not, but I used to have these really cute pencil erasers in animal shapes with cute faces etc...what about pencils and stationary sets?

    The scramble and the pie both look delectable.