Tuesday, December 31, 2013

365: Zorilla

Annnd we will end this series with the cute little zorilla!

365 Days of Animals
365: Zorilla

Thank you so much for reading this year, during this daily project. It's been fun and challenging and I'm oh so glad that I did it. I drew animals I had never heard of before and probably wouldn't have drawn, and it has made me a better illustrator because of it. Hopefully someday I can gather everything into some sort of published book that I can be proud of. I don't plan on doing another 365 project this year, but I am really excited to spend more of my time on more detailed illustrations. I plan to work on some bigger pieces each month and I'm psyched to share more as these progress!

Happy New Year's Eve friends!


  1. Congratulations on finishing! I have always wanted to do a 365 project. Thanks for inspiring me. Happy New Year :)

  2. Well done on all your amazing work. I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting all these little cuties. If you ever do put it into a book, I will be first to pre-order!

  3. Great way to end, with another little creature I had never heard of! When I saw the name, I was expecting some sort of zebra/gorilla abomination. ;) Instead, just a cute little African skunk type fellow. :)