Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Honeymooning: Bangkok, Thailand Part 1

So that was a big blog break, yeah? I guess I needed it! Hope your new year is going swell so far; Mine has been BUSY!  I thought I would kick off the blog-silence by showing you some of my recent trip photos from Thailand. Yeah, Thailand! Nik and I finally took our much-awaited honeymoon this past November, and spent two weeks in the amazing/beautiful/overwhelming/smelly/hard-to-describe-but-easy-to-love country of Thailand. We flew into Bangkok (after a brief layover in Qatar), to kickstart the trip, and then moved onto Chiang Mai to join in the celebration of Loi Krathong and Yi Peng, and then relaxed on the island of Koh Lipe (though it rained almost the entire time...). I'm going to split these photos up into different posts, because I literally took about 500 photos while I was there, and it was a teensy bit hard to narrow it down to one post!

Anyways! Bangkok! We stayed off the beaten track a bit of the Khao San Rd. area (thankfully, as neither of us were really too fond of the super-touristy road.) We stayed at Nuevo City Hotel, which was AWESOME. Seriously, they were so nice and helpful, and it was just a really clean, modern hotel. It was pretty much required that we would get up early to go sight-see, before the heat became too unbearable, and then we would give up and come hang by the rooftop pool in the afternoon, before going out again at night. Excellent! 

Bangkok was hard to wrap our heads around at first. It's crowded and it's smelly and there was just SO MUCH, but I loved it and we definitely found our stride by the end of the trip. I'm glad we stayed closer to the Old City area, since traffic was pretty much impossible in this city, and the majority of the things that we wanted to see/do were centered around there. We went to the Grand Palace, took a cooking class at May Kaidee's (AMAZING, more on that later!), went to a few crazy malls (and by crazy, I definitely mean crazy), ate a lot of food, went into many many temples, walked pretty much all over, took a few exhausting cab rides, tried out tuk-tuk's, went to a creepy medical museum, and so much more. 

Here's a few photos that are kinda in the "random" folder, and I'll get into more specific places in the next few weeks. Thanks for reading! 


Khao San Road during the day. It was mostly just annoying walking down this road. Dudes trying to sell Nik a suit every 5 steps we took...

View from Wat Saket, or The Golden Mountain.

Wat Saket from below. 


Happy in the sunshine on the rooftop of our hotel, poolside.

Sketching by the pool. There was some crazy cloud and sun-ray action that was happening then.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your honeymoon travel experiences, I sometimes find it takes me a long time to process my travels & to turn them into something readable especially when I've been pushed out of my comfort zone. Your pictures are super beautiful!