Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Honeymooning: Chiang Mai, Part 5

Doi Suthep Temple

So where were we? Chiang Mai still! This is my last big photo dump of Chiang Mai and then I have one more post on the little island of Koh Lipe that we visited, to round out my Honeymooning posts. Thanks for sticking with me here!

So what else did we do in Chiang Mai, outside of the Lantern fest? Night markets, lots of yummy food, walking everywhere, drank a million fruit smoothies, and visited some more temples (though we did get templed-out after a certain point.) We also went on two different excursions outside of the city! One day we randomly signed ourselves up for a kayaking trip, neither of us having any sort of experience in a kayak before. They put us in some kayaks on a slow-moving river, and let us go! It was about 4-ish hours I think? Most of the time I was drifting by myself in silence, although I did slow down and wait for Nik a few times (slowpoke.) It was a small group of us and it was mega-fun! 

The second out-of-town was the popular Flight of the Gibbon zip-line excursion. They picked us up bright and early, and before we knew it, we were flying through the forest. Even saw an actual Gibbon Monkey from afar! Don't have many photos from this or from the kayaking, since we left all camera's and phones in lockers. 

Chiang Mai was definitely my favorite place of the three that we visited. Loved the more laid-back atmosphere, the more outdoorsy things that we could do there, and the Lantern fest was such a special event that I'm so glad we could be there for. 


Hello pollution! View from top of Doi Suthep.

tuk-tuk ride.


My breakfast at our little hotel everyday. They even had coconut milk for me! 

Fruit plate at Blue Diamond.

My eyes popped out of their sockets when this vegan mango pancake was brought to me at Blue Diamond. Highly recommend!

Fruit smoothies for life. 

Zip-line time!

Weird funghi in the jungle. 

After zip-lining, they led us a short hike through the jungle.

The river we kayaked down. It's brown because of the clay, not because it is dirty. I loved the section that was kinda jungle-y. 

Nik's a pro.

...Until he lost his flip-flop in the silt bottom of the river and couldn't get it out. 

Bright sun selfies. 

Puffy little clouds!

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  1. Wow, reading this post has left me even more desperate to visit Chiang Mai than before and it was already pretty high up my list. I love kayaking so that sounds amazing and the gibbon high wire adventure sound super cool. Also, that mango pancake - woah! Also, props to Nik for that cat shirt - so epic!