Thursday, March 27, 2014

Honeymooning: Koh Lipe, Part 6

So, we had ourselves a little adventure on Koh Lipe. It took a plane ride, a filled-to-the-brim van ride, a long choppy speedboat ride, and a little golf cart ride to get there, but we were rewarded with paradise. Koh Lipe is a tiny island in the Southwest of Thailand, in the Andaman Sea, close to the Malaysian border. We had ourselves a cute little beach bungalow that was about 100 feet from the ocean. Crystal teal water and the dark shadows of coral in the distance. We were so excited to explore this little island and snorkle/kayak to surrounding ones, but the weather was not on our side in the slightest bit. It was the end of the rainy season there, but one last mega-storm reared it's head the entire time we were there. Seriously, we had one sunny afternoon, and saw the hardest downpours I have ever experienced. I thought our little bungalow was going to wash away into the ocean one night during a raging thunder/lightning storm. We still managed to swim a bit (the ocean was so nice and warm!) when it was only lightly raining, but didn't get to do any snorkling or kayaking. Super-bummer! Most of our time was spent at our cute little bungalow and their cafe (which was actually pretty tasty and vegan-friendly!) Lots of reading and sketching and eating. Nik and I are definitely more of the adventure-let's-do-stuff vacation types, so it was hard to just relax and do very little, but it turned out to be a nice contrast from the packed schedules we had in Chiang Mai and Bangkok.

Things I don't recommend: Leaving Koh Lipe at 9am, taking that speedboat, that packed van, and that plane back to Bangkok, arriving around 5pm, and then having time to kill with all your luggage before your plane departed later that evening (morning?) at 1:40am to head back home on a 21 hour flight. Definitely a scheduling oversight on my part, and we were in rough shape when we finally landed in NYC.

Worth it!

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Hammock time!

Sunrise with all the stray beach pups. 

I made a friend.

Our little bungalow. Ocean is behind me. 

Massaman Curry and Rambutan smoothie.

Green Curry and another Rambutan Smoothie

Breakfast Congee and coffee

Tom Kha Soup

Where we spent most of our time. Downpour of course.

View from bed!


The walking street in the middle of the island was flooded from the rain. 

Our one moment of sun.

Such a great trip. 


  1. Dogs! Beach bungalow! Vegan eats! The colour of that water! What an absolutely stunning place. I've loved reading about your trip.

  2. Ahh, even with the rain it looks like paradise and I go there next week for a holiday. Thanks for the post and the lovely photos.