Friday, April 18, 2008

Girl in the sunshine doodling the girl in the shadows

What the title says. This is the first time, in I can't even remember how long, where I did NOTHING on my lunch break. I'm always so busy running errands or getting supplies or just doing work; I never get to just sit in the sunshine and doodle to my heart's content. Not that there has been much sunshine anyways. But today! It's amazing the mood boost sitting in sun will give you.

I sat by the dog park so the squirrels wouldn't try to eat me.

oh, and i was prolly kidding about the gold leaf part. I have a queau of about 10 sketches that are ready to become paintings. I always change my mind once I get to them!

ahhh weekend! Free Regina Spektor show! Picnic in Central Park tomorrow! Muffaletta! These are the plans anyways. Also: repair bike; get dirt for plants; uh, clean? (yeah right.)

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