Monday, August 25, 2008


I'm a finalist in the Etsy Handmade Kids Art category! Vote for me and I'll love you forever!! You have to have an etsy account and you'll be entered into a sweepstakes to win one of 14 $350 etsy shopping sprees, just by voting. Voting closes in two weeks!!

I don't know where summer went, and I realize that is a common thing to say/hear this time of year, but seriously, where?! I had a relaxing sunshine weekend. I spent my summer friday (out at 2!!) at The Lucky Cat, drinking some mint iced tea and working on some sketches. I can't show you those sketches yet, as you'll be annoyed that I'm working on holiday stuff already. I'm trying to decide whether I should enter the Bust Craftacular again this year or not. If this project turns out well, I probably will enter. Besides, it's really not all that weird for me to be working on holiday stuff in the summertime (I SWEAR I'm not one of those xmas in july freaks!!). At my day job, I come up with holiday/winter themed prints for fall '09 in june/july! Cute 'lil penguins and skating snowmen and silly sledding dogs are the norm for my summertime. Weird, I know. But anyways, those sketches I was working on are for a new series of items for my Etsy shop that I'm pretty excited about. You'll see them soon enough. Gotta work out the kinks.

I was the only one in the little garden at the coffee shop, so I made friends with the fish.

Some fooood. Purslane is weird. Kinda tasteless. I got some in the CSA last week and avoided using it until the end of the week. I sauteed it in some Earth Balance, with banana peppers and sea salt, garlic, and pepper. Had some BBQ tofu (homemade peach bbq sauce!) with it. I guess it was okay, not something I would normally buy. Supposed to be super-good for you though? And it's a weed?

Got beets in the CSA this week and decided to give them one more shot. I roasted them with a little maple syrup and stuffed them into tofu over arugula. Also roasted leeks, carrots, tomatoes, and garlic. I made a maple-mustard sauce to drizzle over it. I'm just not a beet fan, even with all the added sweetness.

Now these were super-yummy. I made the Veggie Fritters from The Vegan Asian Kitchen cookbook that I picked up awhile ago. Really easy and good! I tried to counter the deep-fried part with a salad. Totally relieved my conscience! haha. :)

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  1. I voted for you! Wouldn't pass up a chance for an Etsy gift certificate :)

    I tried purslane for the first time last week, I liked it. I picked the leaves off the stems and had it in a salad though, so there were lots of flavors going on. It is supposed to be really good for you, with omega-3's and whatnot.