Friday, October 1, 2010

Sad balloons on the ground that lost their owner

One of my favorite things about big storms in NYC is walking around and witnessing the aftermath of them.  Not that I like seeing garbage all over the place, but it cleanses the city and gives it a fresh start.  And there can be a fascinating beauty in destruction.  We had a huuuuge downpour early this morning that woke me out of a dead sleep (seriously, nothing can wake me...even my alarm clock, ha!)  It was raining pretty fiercely and coming in all the windows. There was a frantic run around the apartment trying to close everything and save some things that were getting soaked. And my poor plants outside on my windowsill!  Goodbye chives, you were yummy.

The absolute saddest thing to see is a completely mangled umbrella. It's even sadder when it is on the ground and you wonder if the owner just got so angry at it that it didn't even bother to find a trash can, but just abandoned it mid-stride. 

Phone book, I think?  Why do they even give these out anymore. Does anyone actually use them? 

I posted some pictures from the Makers Faire in my Flickr stream. They're not that great of photos, but really, that faire is amaaaaaazing. It was so nerdy too, with all the little science exhibits and crafty demonstrations and hands-on booths. Love!!

This was my favorite cute puppy video of the week. Hamilton Wesley Wigglebottom!! <3

I tweaked the design of this blog a little the other day, and it's way better now. I was lazy for a way too long about figuring out how to make wider columns and bigger pictures. So yay for overcoming laziness about things you don't like doing!

Anyways, happy weekend!  I'll be at the Hester Street Craft fair tomorrow, in Manhattan. If you live in NYC, stop by and say hi!

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