Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars

I miss the stars a whole lot, living in a big city. Every time I visit home, it is the one thing that always still surprises me, the night sky.  Billions of tiny sparkles, with the occasional shooting star. You just can't really see any stars here in NYC, so I do savor those times when I'm home in the country and they are crystal clear and amazing!  

I hope that you all had a lovely weekend! I had a lazy one, with lots of movie watching and home-cooking.  Nik and I watched A Single Man saturday, and it was so sad! I love Colin Firth in this.  Also, beautifully shot.  We also managed to watch the entire first season of Weeds. So funny!  Definitely looking forward to watching more of that show. 

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Colin Firth is great. Just saw the "King's Speech". Awesome. Love the print.