Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Coloring Books!

Maybe you have noticed this about me, if you have read my blog for awhile, but I'm kind of a big kid at heart. A 31-year old kid! Coloring books were one of faaavorite things as a kid, and I can remember spending lots of time neatly coloring in pages and pages of coloring books. Stubs of peeled crayons were piled in my art box (kinda like my current art box actually.)

I've been wanting to make my own coloring book or activity book for awhile now, and I finally invested in a heavy-duty paper-cutter so I could do just that! I'm starting off with these three coloring books, and hope to expand the line to activity books, and journals/sketchbooks soon. And maybe I'll finally start working on that children's book I've always wanted to write and illustrate...

Coloring books are in the shop!

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  1. these are just what i was looking for as a gift for my nephew!