Friday, January 13, 2012

Big 'ol pile of yarn

My little sister visited me last weekend, and we ventured up to Queens to PS1 for the afternoon. So glad we did! I've been a little under the weather lately and super-busy with work, so it was really nice to just go out and look at some art. And um, jump in a gigunda pile of yarn! This was a super-fun visit; lots of great exhibits that amazed us both, and ended with some frolicking in this yarn pile. People were just lounging about, with the occasional kid (okay maybe us too) falling backwards or forwards into the pile of fluff. We tried to dig to the bottom and found it was too tangled, but it's probably about 4 ft. tall! Also, the artist who created it hid a bunch of gold necklaces in there too, and if you find one you can keep it. It just brought a smile to everyone's face in there and was a perfect end to a great day. :)


  1. whoa! i've always wanted to roll around in yarn! looks like fun!

  2. such an amazing PIECE OF ART! so fluffy wish i could sleep there all day! xxx