Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Sometimes my CSA gives me waaay too much of one thing, which is not a bad problem to have, a non-problem basically. There's just the part where I have to figure out what to do with that one thing before they go bad. Challenge accepted! We recently had soo many little yellow plums in the CSA, and neither Nik nor I are much on just eating plums straight up. I knew I had made some sort of plum cake previously, so I had to search my own blog (ha!) for what recipe I used. Found it and it turns out that I apparently liked it, so I went with that same recipe again. I did make a few changes this time around, mainly replacing the self-rising flour with a 50/50 mix of whole wheat and spelt flour (it's what I had.) The cardamom is especially awesome in this. The recipe is also a little unclear when you add the plums to the dough, saying to cover them, but then later to brush them with the leftover earth balance (I didn't cover them, I just left them sticking up a little, and the cake ends up rising around them and creating those cool holes in the cake.)

I STILL had leftover plums after trying to fit as many as I could into the cake, so I threw them in a pan and reduced them down, with a bit of sugar to cut the tartness, to a jam of sorts. This was so yummy spread on top of the cake! Not gonna lie; I totally had this for breakfast. 

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  1. I always have a ton of plums this time of year and love love love pflaumenkuchen!