Monday, September 17, 2012

Chicago Road Trip, Part 2

Annnnd here are the rest of the (phone) photos I took on my road trip to Chicago last week. Turns out, it's hard to take photos driving, but the scenery on the drive wasn't anything spectacular anyways. The prettiest part is from western NY-->NYC, near Naples NY. It's super-pretty there, especially in Autumn. The leaves were just hinting at starting to change color when I drove through. 

In Chicago, my friend and I went to the Swedish-American Museum in his neighborhood. There was a special exhibit on the first floor, paintings by Jennifer Saxell. They were nice, and reminded me of quilts. Upstairs in the museum were lots of cool relics from the passage of people from Sweden to America. 

Left poster shows all the food each person was given at the beginning of their voyage to America, Right shows the clothing/utilities they could pack.

This blew my mind! It's a terrible photo, but it's called a "Spit Cake."  They dripped cake batter over the spit, shown on the left, over an open fire, and it made the cake on the right. 

West Side Market in Cleveland, OH. My friend took me here for the best ever falafel and hummus. 

Lake Erie

Took my Mom and sister out to lunch to a favorite place from college. Veg platter from Aladdins, in Pittsford NY. 

Aladdins is right alongside the Erie Canal. Pretty!

I love this time of year when summer is kinda lingering, but with a hint of Autumn in the air.

My mom's pretty flowers

Bam and my sister, Jenna.

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