Saturday, April 13, 2013


I turn 33 today, even though I still feel like I'm 22 (and prolly still act like it sometimes too!)  It's been a good year so far. Nik and I are getting married in less than a month. All of our family and friends are coming to celebrate with us, and we are getting more excited day by day to see them all. Summer is coming and we're making summertime plans. The future is good my friends!  :)

p.s. Don't forget I'm having a springtime-it's-my-bday sale in my shop! Use coupon code LIFEISGOOD33 at checkout to save 33%

p.p.s. I used the recipe from Chloe's Kitchen for the doughnuts and they were realllllly yummy. Definitely more cake-like than doughnut-like, but I'll look for a yeasted recipe next time. I subbed allspice for nutmeg in the recipe, and used a chocolate-orange bar to make the frosting. They had such a nice citrus-y chocolate taste. 


  1. Happy Birthday, Michelle! Looks like your special day got off to a fun start, and is just the beginning of a very special month for you! My very best wishes to you both for a long and wonderful life together! May you prosper always and enjoy many fun adventures! :-)

  2. Happy Birthday! Sounds like an exciting time! Hope you'll have a lot of fun today:)

    And wow, I am really impressed by your donut-making skills!

  3. Happy birthday to youuuuuu dear friend!

  4. Eeeek! Happy belated birthday! Your donut's look delicious.

  5. Happy belated birfday my friend! Sounds like your year is shaping up to be so great- congrats on your wedding too...