Friday, December 13, 2013

347: Wolf

It's cute that they travel in little families.

365 Days of Animals
347: Wolf



So, the downfall of doing a 365 project is that I don't really blog any other things besides that...and I miss that! I'm so happy I did this project, it was really good for me to draw everyday, fun to have new subject matter, and HEY I learned stuff too! But my point being, I have other fun stuff to tell you about! Like, I went to Thailand for 2 weeks (betcha didn't even know I was gone; I planned ahead to post things so I wouldn't get terribly behind...) I have a bunch of photos and stories that I want to share, and I think I am probably just going to wait until after the holidays are over. Start the new year fresh! I want to start blogging more of my everyday things (and hey, I draw other things too!), new projects, and some other fun stuff, so that will most likely be my focus in the new year. More on this to come! 



  1. I love wolves - so beautiful and magical. I am heartbroken that here in MN they have reinstated wolf hunting. On a happier note - I love this fellow's eyebrows. :)