Monday, December 8, 2008


So my sis left yesterday, and I must say, we had a rockin' time. Stomp was awesome on friday night and I had the most AMAAAZING ice cream sundae afterwards at Lulu's Sweet Apothecary, the new all-vegan sweet shop in the East Village. Seriously, a scoop of homemade Cinnamon Pecan and a scoop of Chocolate Toasted Coconut, topped with hot fudge, rainbow sprinkles, whipped cream, and a Cherry. Sorry for the lack of picture on that, but just trust me on its deliciousness. I was daydreaming about it the next day! Must go back soon; so much to try (aaand they sell vegan white choc. chips there!?!)

I took her to Enid's, near my apt (they make the best veggie burgers ever, Curly's Vegetarian on friday night, and Taco Chulo on saturday night. Yeah!

Saturday we were tourists for the day, walking down 5th ave and looking at the fancy holiday window displays. We peeked in St. Patrick's Cathedral for a bit to warm up (cold!!) We went up on Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center right before sunset, to get the best of the day/night views.

I haven't food porned in awhile! I made polenta tonight, with broccoli, carrots, turnips, and collards in it, and topped it with Newman's Fire-roasted Tomato sauce. MMmmm. I always forget about making polenta; and it's so easy!

Pancakes with cranberries! The tartness of the cranberries is pretty awesome paired with some pure maple syrup.

Knishes! Potato + onion, and Potato + Spinach (from VWAV)


  1. that's awesome you had such a great time with your sister! i've always wanted to go to new york around xmas time, but alas, i've only been in february. your polenta looks fab, and aren't cranberry pancakes just genius? yum.

  2. Cranberry pancakes sound so good!

  3. Sounds like you and your sis had a fantastic time and I want a sundae like the one you described, wow!

    Also, your polenta looks delish!

  4. Wow, those pictures - especially of the cathedral innards - are just gorgeous! Argh, I wish I could travel more.