Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I'm so glad the holidays are over with!! I can eat normal again! I seriously think this headache that I have had for the past two days is a result of sweets withdrawl too.

AAAAANNNNNNNNND...I got a Vitamix!

*happy dance* It was love at first sight.

So far, I have only experimented with smoothies, hummus, and soup (it really comes out steaming hot! Watch the video on their website!) I'm going to the Co-op tomorrow to buy some bulk nuts to make some nut butters. Ohhhh Nutella, here I come!

This is a soup not made in the Vitamix (I made a creamy potato-carrot soup yesterday in it, and while it was super-yummy, it wasn't so pretty). I used homemade veggie broth (yeaaaah), tempeh sausage crumbles, a bit of leftover lentils, potatoes, carrots, and onions. It was a mega-flavor soup. Yum!

I couldn't NOT play around with the Vitamix tonight, so I made edamame hummus! I took one can of cici beans, one whole lemon minus peel (I get a kick out of throwing the whole thing in. Take THAT old blender!), maybe 1/2 cup of edamame beans, and a bunch of olive oil, salt, and white pepper. Smooth and creamy in a minute. Amazing. Served it with toasted pita bread!

Annnd a detox-gimme-raw-fruits-and-veggies salad, with a slice of whole wheat bread, from the other night.


  1. ooooooh you are so LUCKY! i want a vitamix so so bad... they are like a kitchen miracle or something. that hummus sounds completely wonderful and your salad and soup look yummy too. i'm glad the holidays are over too. i was getting sick of rich food, strangely enough. happy new year!