Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pizza and cutiecakes

I made some pizza the other day, so that I could bring it to work on friday for my secret santa holiday party (they were having pizza and i didn't wanna feel left out). This is the first time I have been super-proud of my crust too. I used the VWAV recipe and I managed to get it real thin and yummy. Funny enough, I think the mega-radiator heat that was going on in my kitchen might have had something to do with it. I didn't even let it rise all that long after the initial rising time. Maybe a half hour before I started rolling it out and stretching. Miracle heat! I put some roasted broccoli, carrots, scallions, garlic, spinach, and tofu ricotta on it. Mmmmm. My pizza looked way better than work's pizza. Hmpf!

I also made some mini cupcakes to bring in for the shindig. They are the chocolate VCTOTW recipe with raspberry preserves spread on the top and some piped fluffy buttercream (with a pretty pink stripe!) and some dark chocolate raspberry shavings on top. They were so cute! Mini cutey-cake army!

Tomorrow, I have the day off, so I'm gonna super-bake lots of cookies and other yummy things to give to people and to bring home to my family. I leave tuesday morning and am gone until sunday. Yaay spending time with the family! I'm also REALLLLY looking forward to not working for nine days! Huzzahh!!

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  1. have a great holiday vacay! that pizza looks super yummy, as do the cutiecakes :)