Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Personal New Year's Resolutions

So I have been thinking that I have worked a LOT this past year, and the imbalance of work/play has been drastically skewed. With this in mind, my resolutions this year are to bring more balance to my life, not necessarily by working less, but by weeding out some of the wasted time (I'm looking at you internet!) in favor of fun things that are new to me or that I haven't done in a long time (and that make me happy! Sometimes you forget how certain things make you so happy!) Quitting my day job is a big goal for me this year, as it's been really difficult to balance a full-time job and then come home and work on my personal business and then any freelance work that I have. Don't you just hate it when those pesky day-jobs get in the way?! I know that I'm lucky to work in a creative field, but after five years, it has taken it's toll on me and I'm ready for a change. Plus, the fashion industry isn't really where I want to be anymore. It's just overcoming that security job fear and taking that leap that stands in my way. Anyways, I started thinking of all the FUN things that I want to do or feel like I'm missing out on and decided to make them my resolutions for this year. I made a little doodle so that I can hang it up above my desk at home as a reminder too.

I hope everyone has a fantastic New Year and I want to thank you for reading my silliness and looking at my photos and art this past year. Hooray 2010! (don't you just love the positivity that comes with a New Year? Yay momentum!)



  1. I love that one of your resolutions is to illustrate a childrens book!! My girlfriend wants to write a childrens book but she cant draw, I need to hook you guys up!

    Happy new year, I hope all your resolutions come true!

  2. your resolutions are beautiful and inspiring! how about we combine efforts, and my goal to visit new york more can be to come over and give you cake decorating lessons! i've got the vegan icing moves of your dreams, girl. cheers to 2010!

  3. Well, I know of one book I hope you'll be illustrating! I didn't know you were in the fashion industry! I just left it myself after 8 years.

  4. Just got back from the UK and was so super excited to see my parcel from you. Words just don't convey how happy I am with my calendar and card and little gift cards. You are seriously my favourite artist EVER!!
    Thank you so so much.

    Happy 2010