Monday, May 2, 2011

Prep Weekend

Scoring the cards to be folded.

Hello! Happy May! I had a super-productive weekend, with lots of printing/trimming/scoring/folding/signing/packaging of cards and prints.  I'm trying to do as much of this stuff ASAP, so I have time before leaving for Austin to really concentrate on my display and some fun new products that I'm cooking up.  So exciting!  I'm a total last-minute gal, but am impressing myself with being on top of things. Total pat on my back, hehe. 

Nik and I are rewatching The Sopranos (he's never seen it before!), and we're both pretty into it. It was such a great show, and has not lost it's pizzazz over time.  I have heard stories, from my Dad, that my Grandfather used to be the bartender in a bar where mobsters frequented, and I wish I would have had the opportunity to talk to him more about that before he passed.  It's such an interesting culture and life, all the rules and "way things are."  You think that a lot of that is just stereotype or the way that things are portrayed in the movies or on tv, but then you read a news article about another arrest of a local mobster and it reads straight out of a fiction story.  


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Sneak peek! Pre-trimming.

Sneak peek! Rounding the corners

Stack 'o prints waiting to be packaged.

Signing the back of all my prints.

Assembly line of packaging a print.

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  1. You are so talented!! I love the rounded corners...great touch.

    Tori xx