Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Renegade Austin 2011!

My booth setup

New stuff!

So, Austin is awesome!  I set up my booth at Renegade Austin a few weekends ago, and had the pleasure of meeting so many nice people, customers and vendors alike.  I had a great weekend and as always, I LOVE meeting people who buy or just like my work face-to-face!  I think the kids reactions are my favorite, as some of those little cuties get so excited, and that makes me excited!   I introduced some new products at this show, lots of rings, wing-pins, and hair pins (and soon, necklaces).  I will have a separate post with more details on these and when they will be in my online shop very soon.  Woo! 

I had some great booth-mates too, KC and Kevin of  Make Shop Live, from LA.  They make super-cool things out of recycled and repurposed things, and holy whoa are they creative.  It really couldn't have worked out any better or with nicer booth-buddies!  You can check out their Etsy shop here, and their blog here.

Make Shop Live's booth
Super-cute pin cushion rings!


  1. sooooo lovely!! i love all of em youre awesome! ;D

  2. so many new goodies. love the hot pink ring box. hope it was a great trip!!

  3. Fantastic! SO glad you enjoyed Austin. It's one of my favorite cities!


  4. I love your booth set up! So inspiring! The bright colours just make all your items pop!

  5. Hairpins! I'm excited for them!

    Sounds like a delightful trip. Your booth is so colorful and cheery; I love it!

  6. omg your booth is so cute!