Thursday, October 4, 2012

VeganMOFO: Regrowing Celery

I found this tutorial recently on how to regrow celery, that totally blew my mind. I mean, whoa! So I naturally had to try it. Mine are still little and cute, but growing more each day. I am not a huge celery-devourer, so this seems ideal for me, being able to just cut off a stalk or two as needed. Go celery, go!

And then I got two kinds of bok choy in my CSA last week, and the end stalks were so pretty that I had to save them and try to regrow them also. (I have no idea if this will actually work!) 

Send happy bok choy and celery growing vibes!


  1. You can do it with onions too! If ever buy green onions, just plant the ends and they are never ending!

  2. Awesome! I tried the green onion but they didn't turn green - just yellow. I think they need sun - who knew!?

  3. What a great idea! I have some organic celery in the fridge right now, I think I'll try this! I only ever use a bit at a time, also, and have ended up with slimy, forgotten celery too many times. This seems perfect!

  4. I do this with green onions all the time! It's magical. (thanks pinterest!) I'll have to try the celery out next.

    By the way, my almost 4 year old is your biggest fan now. He asks to look at the "blog with the cute happy veggies!" constantly.

  5. I love that some plants can be grown so easily, I got some little basil cuttings recently and now they're in my garden growing. I hope yours do well!